Sunday, 16 November 2008


This then would be Canadian Geese.

I am so sorry to have left you suspended in air for so long. I had been quite sick and weak for about three weeks but now I am frwsh and fine again. The assignments run rather easily out of my pen and I have but one to go before the holidays. I plan to come home for Christmas and will leave here the 13th of Dec.
Life is easy and comfortable and I have nothing to complain about.
Today, as yesterday, a flokk of canadian geese, about 15 to 20, is happyly devouring the new grass on our lawn. I do think that it is quite good for the grass as it will strengthen their roots, anyhow it is fun to watch them. There are very conscious about their distance to each other and will complain and bite when some other bird comes too near. Watching that I think about our school children, most often piled into a to
small classroom. Maybe they would feel better at arms distance and couldn´t pinch each other and go on their nerves? So, and now I will show you Canadian geese.

This then would be the new grass, two weeks old.

And here are the geese eating it