Monday, 12 January 2009

So, as most of you know, I am back in the UK and the heaven is crying: it´s raining.
I started my first schoolday in Sabine style: Up to now I had been at the right time on the wrong days, today I started the right day at the wrong time and went to my first lecture at 9:30 and should have been there at 14:00, so I got nice walks as there is a road construction and the bus changed it´s route..
I worried about the trip between the islands, but I should not have worried, the trip went beautifully and I even managed my 20 kg suitcase.
The first night I woke up with a sore coughing and found out that it had been my allergy to the duvet which had me sick in the autumn. So I took the bus to the city, the bus was on time!, and bought me a new one and now I am very happy and slept so well that I was brightly awake at two o´clock in the night...
I have already started reading, good for my brain which did empty itself over the Christmas holidays when I had the luxus to be a guest at my own home.


Doug said...

Ah, to be a guest in your own home. My dogs live that every day.

Biene said...

What happy dogs that must be!!

Minka said...

I am pretty sure you are the guest in their home, doug! Ask them!

Mom, gla dyou found out about teh bed sheets and everything. Hope from now on you cna sleep safe and sound!