Tuesday, 20 January 2009

When the world smiles at you don´t smile back too soon: I had a nice outing down town yesterday and did buy this and that, mostly food. When now I go by foot or bus I don´t think so much about how expensive things are - that goes by itself - but how heavy they are and I am always quite happy when I got home with all that stuff. That was nice and then I chatted with lots of people and was ready to smile but then my computer went blank and had me worried. I do try not to worry too much, but... I wenr to the computer help desk today, with my laptop and this nice boy there got it going again in no time so I felt very lucky and happy. I did get the tip to load down "AVG free anti-virus software" and did that and am quite happy now. The computershop does close at 4 o´clock but tomorrow I will go and buy me the Office package so up til then I have a good excuse not to write anything. It is cold outside, getting colder each day.


Doug said...

Sounds like you're ready to go. When did the term start?

By the way, if you didn't know, your daughter is blogging again.

Biene said...

How nice to have ONE dedicated and long suffering reader! The term started on the 12th of January if I remember rightly:) No, I didn´t know, I must look in her blog! Thanks for letting me know!

Doug said...

Not her old blog, she has a new one. Click the link in my previous comment to see.

I'm not suffering much.

Minka said...

Doug, thanks for teh advertisement. How much do I owe you???

Mom, i am sure dad is quite happy that you have to carry teh stuff home, it is the only thing initiating restraint your your credit card usage :)

Biene said...

Oh, once again, as always, thanks dear Minka...but really expencive things are not that heavy, what about golden earrings with a small diamond? (Don´t tell Daddy!!)
Yes Doug, I did look at it. Nice and interesting as usual!