Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It is evening and I haven´t been out at all but for the staircase to smoke. I didn´t get my printer to work, e-mails I send to the payment office come popping back and I am not able to open my new e-mail account as offered by the university. So this whole day really went into trying and not getting. I had a noodle soup with a spoon opposite to crochet needle and only talked to working man who checked the oven, the blinds and the water. I don´t really have the energy to climb the hill for a real meal. I do feel old today, with all the youth around me and a bit out of place as a grandmother spoiling their fun. I am tired after all the excitement of leaving home and trying to settle into a new place. I will be patient with myself and crawl into bed with Terry Pratchett´s “making money” and for tomorrow I plan to meet some other postgraduate students I did not find before, surrounded by freshmen as I am now. I am sure that there I will find help with all my little problems and I look forward to my free senior bus ticket I read about.


Valgerdur said...

Ótrúlegt sem ég varð þreytt að lesa þessa færslu. Það er mikið sem tengist tölvum sem flækir málin en Sabine, borða með heklunál, eins gott að þetta voru núðlur. Þetta er samt örugglega frábær megrunaraðferð. Bíð spennt eftir fleiri fréttum og ef þú mátt vera að, þá máttu senda mér link á heimasíðu skólans. Kveðja og góða skemmtun Valgerður.

Minka said... get to live the life of a penniless 18 year old. Isn't life just grand...don't give up, I am sure some plastic dishes will present themselves in the near future. Undergraduates can be used for all sorts of computer assistance...pick the dude with the thick glasses and the sweater vest and you'll be fine, computer wise :)

Doug said...

I like the shrimp-flavored noodles best. I help where I can.