Thursday, 25 September 2008

My dear ones, who have commented my blog and had the patience to read me, thanks to you! The comment section doesn´t want me, so I use this way. Valgerður: University of Birmingham.
I should give out a cookbook for people with nothing but a microwave: Dinner: a scrambled egg with some cut down wild smoked salmon cooked in a noodle box. I will keep my noodle boxes.
The night let me listen to The Big Party once again: The money for my single flat is well spent. But to be fair, in the Vale there are said to live about 3000 pupils, you only need 20 to sing loudly. About two o´clock the phone rang, after the second time I disconnected it. The morning found me awake with the ducks on The Lake and the rising sun, at six and I soon gave up to try to sleep any more and had one more noodle soup instead. (yes Doug, I got THat flavour too:)
It did me good to rest a day, my legs have stopped hurting and the shower is great, hot and strong. The machines around the house are banging away again, having their party and I will walk down to the university and look for more adventures.

And adventures I got! This day has been like a huge chocolade cake with extra icing, or, better still, like Jakobínas Nókropp tertu!
I left my flat about ten o clock this morning and took a bus... I don´t know where it went but not near to the place I wanted to go to. So I had the view and took another bus back to start. The people here are extremely nice and helpful.”So, here you would go out, dear” said the elderly lady whom I had asked for help. Of cause I walked first in the wrong direction, but found the university again after not so long a walk. It´s clock tower, a copy of the Big Ben, distinctive in the landscape. Now I also know where the train station is. Once again to the computerstore as my printer wouldn´t work, and yes back home I tried it and it were the colour patrons that didn´t work. So tomorrow I will get that money back. So, the printer is doing it´s work and a friendly young man at the “computer help desk” found my university´s e-mail port so I will be able to use that.
At 11 o´clock I went to a postgraduate welcome coffee where I finally met students nearer my age and had a chat. At 2 o´clock again there was a postgraduate introduction session where I met still more folks and had many chats. I bought as everybody else flowerpots at the studentsguild and was ready to wander happily back to my flat in sunshine and nice weather. On the way I dropped in at the education building, just to look at it and now comes the icing on the cake: after half an hour there would be a talk about autism by Stephen Shore, self autistic and the author of several books on autism. Of course I jumped at it and not only listened faszinated for one and a half hour but also met my future teachers- of course- and classmates, most of them women and rather mature (and chatted away) so that all looks immensly promising.
After that the walk home seemed shorter than before and it gets more homely with the flowerpots on the windowsill. I am settling in and got a nice dinner at the Hub.

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