Monday, 29 September 2008

Yes, I am busted. Worst is to walk endlessly, and I am not the only one to complain. I got painkillers for my back and try to take the bus when I meet it. Didn´t meet it today. Yes, the day was full of information, I will have to take 3 modules each term, just like in Iceland, that would give me here 30 ects and in Iceland 15, three courses, each one 5 points. Beside I can train my English in two different courses, using my module contents, I suppose and I will use that opportunity and I went to the gym and got one time for pilates on monday and belly dancing on friday, must have some fun too, isn´t it?
My toilet was fixed when I came home and my dripping water in the kitchen, dinner: roastbeef(?), turnips and brokkoli with a yorkshire pudding (it looked like a piece of smjördeig) and a creme caramelle at the Hub.


Valgerdur said...

Ok, nú fer þetta að hljóma eins og mannamatur. Fyrstu dagarnir hljóta að vera erfiðir og svo verður þetta bara erfiðara.´Nei,bara grín.

closk said...

You are brave !
You are great!
þú ert frábær !

Gaman að lesa ævintýrin þín Sabine, mikið finnst mér ég hafa það easy og auðveld - allavega er Fjarðakaup nálægt...

Bellydancing í SKYPE??? Halt die Ohren steif und weiter viel Vergnuegen! Deine C.