Saturday, 27 September 2008

There is no hot water this morning, so the shower has to wait. I was looking forward to try out my new towel. I went with my little shopping on wheels to the university store and bought heavy things, like water, potatoes, milk and such. It is ok here I suppose to drink the water but the taste is chlorine and worst when it is mixed with coffee, it just doesn´t work together. But really, starting a new life can be exhausting. Just take light bulbs. I bought this little cheap lamps yesterday but forgot to buy the lightbulbs. So, they don´t have these light bulbs with a little skrew in the university shops. So, in the late afternoon I went out again, walked to the busstop, took the bus to Birmingham center and searched for light bulbs. Kilometers of shops for clothes, shoes, juwellery: no lightbulbs for a long time. Woolworth rescued me, or so I thought. There I had bought the lamps, they had the right lightbulbs so I bought four, owning two lamps, to be on the safe side. First thing coming home: I put the first bulb into its socket. It blinked at me and burst. Ok, I´ve got another one. Use that, ok. Now to the second lamp: I got the wrong bulbs, with a skrew I´ve never seen before and hope never to see again. OK, one lamp burning. I mean, I am a person in good balance and nothing, I repeat, nothing will disturb my wonderful mood. So, stay with me: travelled for about 2 hours, from home to back home, like inclusive waiting for the bus and such like, came home with four lightbulbs, one of them useable. When I come back into my living-bedroom that one lightbulb has gone dead, too. Still, during these two hours I also bought two kitchen knives. I killed some vegetables. No, I will not give up. Tomorrow will see me at Aldi in Edgbaston. I mean, they do have light in their houses here in England, don´t they?


Lisi said...

What is a beanseat and why didn´t you buy a knife?

Valgerdur said...

Hihihi, óborganlegt. Kanski spara þeir svona grimmt í UK. Byrjunin er greinilega ekki tekin út með sældinni. Kv Valgerður

Lisi said...

I understand now why the lamps where so cheap!