Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Today I ventured out of my flat again: Please notice: The second day in a row. It was less cold than yesterday, still my eyes were teary and my nose was leaking. So I walk around campus crying and sniffeling. At least I did not attract any attention. I did buy the Office Package, for about 10.000 Ikr. what I find too much but satisfactory and had it intsalled on coming back to my flat. It works properly so I am satisfied. I did not get a connection from my camcorder to my computer and will have to go to the city for it once again. I did look in the internet for it but do not know exactly what I need but I will not rest before I solve that problem! I went to the library, brought books back and got new ones, 10 to be exact, but no, I do not read them all word for word but look for passages that are of interest to me. My first assignment is running nicely, as I do have "Word" now I can even write on.


Doug said...

Good news. Good price, too.

Minka said...

wow, windows...the computer sales man promised me a nice windows package with my new computer. I can't wait!
You shouldn't go out for too long walks if you are not feeling good. Your leaky and cold nose will harbour any viral infection that would otherwise be thwarted off. Take care of yourself.

Biene said...

Thanks my private nurse! I do feel good but I do try to walk as little as possible (thank you for this suggestion!) :))
Yes Doug, I thought so!