Wednesday, 1 October 2008

This is quite a full week and I am vey tired. Many introductionary sessions but things are getting clearer and I decided the programms I am going to study and here they come: before christmas: Special educational needs of children with autism/ Inclusion and special educational needs/ Practitioner inquiry in education and from January: Curriculum and approaches for children with autism/ challenging behavoir and autism spectrum disorders/ severe learning difficulties: communication and behavoir and after that I will start my dissertation. That at least is the plan. Everything here seems to be quite high level but they also cook their potatoes in water so I don´t allow myself to get panicy, others did this, so I will, too. I´ve already got reading lists and some books to read, we go home each day with a load of heavy(pounds) reading stuff. I am rather on top of my organising and will have the weekend to think about how I will handle the details and make me a timetable. Today I took part in an optional English assessment and I felt like I did very well, this will decide in which group I will go to upgrade my English. There will be some boring stuff tomorrow like: introduction to the UK education system and, later the day, welfare issues, but they have very competent teachers here who can make the most boring stuff interesting- even the fire drill the other day was nearly fun.
It is very mixed weather here, raining cats and dogs one minute and sunshine the next and of course I had to walk more than necessary as I didn´t find the house I was looking for but now I know: We are supposed to register with a local doctor and as my health isn´t 100% I now look for the doctors office. I think now I know were it is, so I will go again tomorrow. I should find a dentist too as one of my teeth will probably say good bye after not too long. And I know where I can get a manicure if I choose to!
I had my lunch at noon with a very sweet lady from Malaysia, we have hung out together a bit now, Lucy is her name. There are lots of very energetic and interesting people from all around the world and there are a few mothers who take the autism course. One of them is planning to go to the Option Institute with her son and we have talked together a lot after she heard that I´ve been there. She did listen to Brian Kaufmann and was carried away. I´ve got a marvollous mixture of interesting students down at the university and my very quite little apartment (but for The Big Party outside).


Anonymous said...

Hallo liebste Sabine,

das ist toll, jetzt kann ich auch anscheinend anonym antworten :o)!!!

Öh, aber jetzt bin ich gerade auf dem Sprung zur Thai-Massage. Deshalb später mehr!
Huhu, Minka! Wann geht es denn in deinem blog weiter? Alles Gute für dein Studium!

Sabine, du bleibst ein Jahr in Birmingham! Toll! Wie ich ja schon mailte, gibt es eine direkte Fluglinie zwischen Birminham und Frankfurt/Hahn... Aber jetzt flugs zur Massage!

Knutscha von Kerstin

Anonymous said...

Prima, es klappt! Hehe, jetzt haste hier einen Stalker mehr!

Noch´n Knuscha und schnell wech!

Anonymous said...

I did do this Kerstin and only for you! You know, the plane does go both ways, don´t you? With the Icelandic economy collapsing!Biene