Saturday, 4 October 2008

I spent yesterday in bed, sleeping and reading and do feel so much better today. I did cut my finger though this morning on my beautiful sharp new chopping knife but got some band aid next door, so I do not think I will bleed to death. I spilled my morning coffee over the staircase where I use to sit and had to clean that up, so on I went cleaning and vacuum cleaning, so that´s done for the week. I´ve got a lovely neighbour in flat number two, arrived yesterday evening, a third year student from Iran, studying microbiology if I remember rightly.
I have been surfing around the e-journals of the university and there is a lot of interesting stuff and I get nice ideas for my assignment. I do have to look at these e-journals as there will be an introduction to them on Monday and I like to be prepared, then at least I know how far I get on my own and what I have to ask.
In Iceland I hear it is snowing and the first frost bit the country so I am very lucky with green trees still around me and a temperature above 10 C. It is though rather chilly in my flat as there is no warm water in the heating elements, I phoned and they are working on it. There are things like that all the days around this new campus. “It keeps us busy” was the understatement of an official.
My big parcels arrived finally but the postoffice won´t be open before late afternoon on Monday. So I have something to look forward to. It will be like christmas parcels as I don´t remember what I put in them J
My orchid looks somehow sad, so had a little walk down to The Lake to get some natural water, I do hope it will like it. I still have to find an avocado to offer it to. Silly me, getting the water I leaned into some twigs of “Brennesseln”, now I do not know the English word for it (poison ivy?), but it burns your skin and makes blisters for some time. As for now, some time later, it is a very interesting feeling, tickeling, like some tiny buds were hurrying along under my skin. As I said: Adventures every minute.
I went up to the Hub but there is no cooking over the weekend, so I bought me some chickenbreast, I´ve got some cocosmilk and curry and bread in the freezer, that should make a nice enough meal. I didn´t know the Hub was closed on weekends, now I have to do something about my food, it is extremely expensive to shop here, so as I´ve gotten a freezer I should go down to Birmingham the next days and buy me some real stuff. I am hungry most of the time, yes, I think I´m getting slimmer.
I ´ve been very busy writing and reading all day long and I think I´ve already got a nice start for my first assignment. Now I will go and cook.


Anonymous said...

Teuer? Huch, da solltest du wirklich nach Birmingham fahren, wenn du, aus ISLAND (gleichbedeutend mit TEUER) in der Wirtschaftskrise kommend, die Campusläden teuer findest! Kann ja nicht sein, dass du hungrig und frierend zu Bette musst! Aber schön, dass es dir wieder besser geht.
Hach, ich bin ganz aufgeregt, heute waren wir im Tierheim Worms und haben uns zwei Katzen ausgesucht, wenn alles gut läuft, haben wir ab morgen zwei Untermieter, die unser schönes, neues Haus verwüsten...

Dir ein tolles WE!
Knutscha K.

Valgerdur said...

Dýrt eða ekki dýrt. Who gives a ...... Mér finnst þú svo aldeilis frábær að vera þarna og njóttu þín. Keypti þér góðan mat og gott kaffi. Njóttu lífsins og hafðu gaman af. Þú ert frábær og það er gaman og gott fyrir okkur sem sitjum hérna í snjónum að kíkja hérna inn til þín. Knús á þig héðan frá rauðvínsdrekkandi mágkonu.

Anonymous said...

Stingingnettle ist das englische Wort fuer Brennessel. Hier war einfach viel zu tun mit Garten winterfest mache, all die Sachen im Haus unterbringen.....stopf, stopf. Ansonsten stricke ich ein Paar gaaaaaaaanz goldige Handschuhe fuer meinen Nachwuchs, total suess mit Schnecken drauf. Suess und schick! Wenn alles gut geht wird heute endlich unser Skype installiert.

Anonymous said...

Endlich höre ich von dem Bengaltiger. Hatte mir schon Sorgen gemacht. Nachwuchs von Nachwuchs oder nur Nachwuchs?

The shops on campus are a lot more expensive than the shops down town. If there would be any shops. I do find something like a very bad europris. It is called Spar and they´ve only got things I don´t want to buy. I wouldn´t dare to calculate the icelandic krona sleep sweet