Monday, 20 October 2008

Mason Hall, my house is behind me

The Lake seen from my stairway
University shopping center with clock tower

View from my window

Tommorow it will be a month since I arrived. I would like to hold on to the time and stop it passing so quickly. Today I ventured to the city of Birmingham the second time and I did find places I had been told about. I walked through a meat and fish market and the pig- and lambheads were smiling at me. I bought me some very fat and naughty sausage and had half of it for dinner. It was all fine until I had to wait for the bus for about 45 minutes and the trip home took one hour in the traffic jam with two yelling brats, (sorry, sweet little children of course..) on the bus. Outside the rain was pouring. Was I happy to get home again! I do miss my little red car. To go with the bus is ok, usually I even get a seat, but the waiting! The other day I spent one and a half hour just waiting for the bus. The timetable is quite erratic and seems to depend on the traffic and the mood of the driver. Now that I feel better I prefer to walk.


Doug said...

It's England. Where are the yew trees?

Anonymous said...

What are yew trees? end me a picture and I willfind them for you.

Anonymous said...

Hui, ist das noch schön grün in England - hier ist es schon deutlich herbstlicher!
Deinen roten Flitzer gibt´s immer noch??? Jepp, Bus fahren auf der anderen Insel ist mitunter sehr anstrengend, keine Ahnung, warum die immer so viel Verspätung haben.
Genieße die Zeit!
Knutscha K.

Anonymous said...

Greeting back! Doug, you did not answer my question!

Minka said...

wow, everything looks so much still like autumn:) I am a bit jealous! Also: we are running out of flour, when are you coming back?