Saturday, 25 October 2008

As you see, the school of education in the university of Birmingham is known all around the world and here are some of the pupils and their home countries!

But talking about yesterday:
When people ask me, I mostly say that it is not cold in Iceland, not really. It is harsh weather , yes, just by the sea and often stormy. Now, being in middle England I don´t really believe myself any more. Yesterday was a wonderful warm day, a day when people at home would sit outside on the Austurvellir and the TV crews would take interwievs with the sun bathers. In the mean time, I hear, there was a blizzard going over my dear little island and the road over the mountains was closed for half a day. So, I bath in sun. There was a tiny wind with a small twinge in it so it wouldn´t get stuffy. Me and Lucy took the train down to the city and went there to eat in a malaysian resturant and I had crispy duck breast, very nice and soft. Then we went to the market, quite exotic for me. And on the way home the train did wait for us and I had only to wait for the bus for a few minutes: a perfect day.


Doug said...

Chicago is colder than Iceland, I think.

Nice looking classmates.

Anonymous said...

Höhö, Island nicht kalt? Ich erinnere mich an einen Touri-Ausflug am ´Butterfass´, wo weder Jürgen noch ich Fotos machen wollten, weil sich niemand seiner Handschuhe entledigen wollte - es war um Ostern... Na, eigentlich ist es ja nur der Wind, aber irgendwie weht der ständig.
Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in eine aufregende neue Woche!
Knutscha K.

Minka said...


Greece and cypress only count as one...they always give each other 12 points in the Eurovision song contest :)

Iceland is friggin' freezing...don't listen to what she tells you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I said I have been wrong all these years...