Thursday, 2 October 2008

How lucky I am! I slept too long this morning, looked at the clock upside down I suppose and now I know nothing about the English eduation system. I wasn´t very curious, either. I registered at a doctor´s and not a day too early, I find a bronchitis on its way to settle in my chest. I´ve caught a germ(?). So, as that may be, I did meet at the drink and fun session at 12 o´clock and after that talked to my autism lector, supervisor, however they call it here and now I have my first assignment on the way about sensory issues in autism and am already reading, I must start at once as I can´t write more than one assignment at a brain doesn´t work that way.
I did get the bus right in both directions today and as I don´t feel very uppi now I will chatter no more and leave you to your own thaughts.


Anonymous said...

Gute Besserung!Lisi

Anonymous said...

Hi du Busstreber, auch von mir gute Besserung!

Knutscha K.

Anonymous said...

Danke, hat gut geholfen!