Thursday, 9 October 2008

ok. I found my blog again. Lost it when I installed firefox. My health has been poor the last two days and after the doctors advice I stayed in bed today, more or less. But with the new medicine I got I start to feel better and will hopefully be able to attend my belly dancing class! I ventured out to the shop just now and the weather is like a balmy summer evening in Iceland. But excuse me for tonight, I shall rest.


Doug said...

Remember to drink soup.

Valgerdur said...

Elsku Sabína mín, farðu vel með þig, betra að liggja smá og verða síðan æðihress á eftir heldur en vera slöpp lengi.

Anonymous said...

doug, I´ve got better things than soup now, how would you like wild range chickenbreasts with cocosmilk, curry, mushromms and a dash of honey?
Valgerður: I am trying, but is is difficult! Takk samt.