Monday, 6 October 2008

O yeah dear Lord, the angels does love me!! For two days now I have wondered how to get my two 20kg packets I recieved, from the Hub, down to my house, up to my flat. I had it all planned, intending to walk two times anyhow, I stripped my shopping on wheels to it´s essence, had tape duct in my pocket to fasten everything together and now stood there at half past 5 in the Hub, ready for collection, but, I must confess, worrying. In front of me stood 50 people, behind me as many. I stood and stood, the queue moved 1 meter in 10 minutes. Just as I was nearing the counter, two people to go, I said to the girl waiting behind me”I really worry how too get my stuff home.” The second these words left my mouth a guy came running: “There´s a problem with the post office tonight as you might have noticed. Everything will be delivered to your door this evening”. I could have kissed him and hugged him and hurried home, bought me a beer to carry instead. And sit now, drinking it.
The morning found me at the doctors and it took all longer than I expected, so I missed one class. Yes, I got antibiotica, yes, I must come again and check my lungs and I just know they will tell me that I have to stop smoking. Maybe I will, it is really expensive, with the Icelandic economy collapsing and terrible things like that. Yes, I fell shitty and shaky and exhausted and yes, the beer tastes good.
In the afternoon I went to a class to learn about the campus internetlibrary and it is amazing! I will surely spend a lot of time there and look forward to that.
And, I do loose pounds, quickly, my trousers are getting too big.


Anonymous said...

Natürlich lieben die Engel dich! Und hoffentlich hast du ihnen laut zugeprostet!
Huah, es ist ja wirklich schlimm, was zur Zeit auf Island abgeht, möge die Hilfe aus Moskau euer schönes Eiland retten.
Knutscha K.

Valgerdur said...

Like the economy is in Iceland now, everyone has to be careful with their money but I do realise that your are not broke!!!!! Líst vel á slökunaraðferðina þína. Er núna í rope yoga og finnst það frábært, ætla að halda áfram fram að jólum.

Doug said...

Well, if you are broke, you found the right way to celebrate. Enjoy the beer.