Sunday, 5 October 2008

There is a confound misunderstanding in yesterdays blog: I don´t go hungry because I´ve got no money but because I drag shopping. Just old lazy me. There´s a huge difference.
Yesterday night: Already in bed- undecent- you would call it and after a loud banging at the outer door which I rushed to open after I´d thrown some clothes over me, there came a nice friendly man with an electric heater on wheels for me. What a luxus! I feel like in my summerhouse.
Like every night when I really go to bed, sleep will escape me, I do not know why. When I turn the light off, I wake up. Sometimes I let the light burning, that might help at times. Let´s try it out now.
It helped to half past two. Since then I am around, reading, typing, getting a bit frustated. It´s half past seven now. Got me another sleeping pill.
And got some sleep.
The sun is shining into my window and but for a small walk to return my bad oranges to the shop I have been writing and reading for my first assignment. It is fun and I already have three pages out of 15 which I will have to have ready the 5th of January. But don´t laugh too loud, there are two more to go. If you want to know more about my university, here I am proud to show you:

We were the first university to:
Accept students from all religions and backgrounds on a completely equal basis
Build on a campus model
Incorporate a medical school
Create a purpose built students’ union
Provide a sporting option for all students in the interests of promoting health and well-being
Birmingham ranks 5th in the UK for research excellence; in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise in 2001, seven areas of Birmingham’s research achieved the six star rating – a rating only given to studies of significant international importance.
Excellent sporting facilities, a busy calendar of social events and a global reputation for teaching makes Birmingham a great place to study – and we’re proud of the calibre of our academic community.

Two books I read today and want to show to you:
Juke Jackson, Freeks, Geeks & Aspergersyndrom, Jessica Kingsley pub.
From a 13 years old boy and then his mother
Jacqui Jackson, Mulicoloured Mayhem, Jessica Kingsley pub.

You will learn something about autism spectrum and will have fun on the way.
Juke is great for all but specially for kids around his age. For young people on the spectrum is it a Must.

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Doug said...

The Oberlin of England? Very good. Don't tell them I said that.